This morning for reasons which are still unclear I had an unbearable overwhelming feeling of being horrible fat. I have developed an exercise program of yoga and swimming in hopes of getting in shape and shedding some pounds. Yes, the getting in shape part is working but I have not been trying very hard with the diet so the weight has pretty much remained status quo. So this feeling caught me somewhat off guard and being a brilliant middle aged woman, what do I do after getting my hair cut….I have my nails done.  Wait I do not have any nails to have manicured  Photo 6

…..but now I do… I had my nails gel filled ( I think that is what it was called). It has been at least ten years since I have even had polish on my nails. Sadly I will admit I have never had a pedicure. 
 Okay so now the big question… Do I look thinner? Ha Ha I know I am completely nuts. This delusion I have of growing old with grace and dignity is quickly fading. 
I need to post some journal pages but I am not quite finished on my current pages. I have been unable to work on these pages yet today because I do not want to ruin my nails.   Photo 7

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2 Responses to Nails

  1. kateri says:

    Well, they LOOK lovely, but anytime I ever have nails my hands feel useless. My daughter has them, and she seems to do okay. They do look very pretty though!

  2. hemarobert says:

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