November 28, 2007 As you grow, you develop the ideal of where your true belonging could be – the place, the home, the partner, and the work.  You seldom achieve all the elements of the ideal, but it travels with you as the criterion and standard of what true belonging could be. John O' Donohue 

Yesterday as I was heading to the kitchen, I glanced in the living room and look at what I found..
Thanksgiving 1
These two creatures were already exhausted and dinner had not even been served. I guess they thought a nap was needed before the ritual of scrounging for food would begin. Zoey was thinking, " It is a great deal of work to hide under the table and only be seen,felt and fed by the children". Maggie was thinking, "adults can get rather indignant and will make us leave the room if we get caught".
Thanksgiving 2

Okay what do  adults do after a wonderful meal, dishes are done, and the guest have gone home? Learn how to take self portraits with a camera of course….
Thanksgiving 3

Thanksgiving 4

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. I wish you buckets of happiness.
Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. 
Thomas Merton 

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