November 25, 2007   You have got to own your days and name them each one of them every one of them or else the years go right by and none of them belong to you. Herb Gardener

I started a new journal today and was surprised how my first page coincided with the quote I found for last year.


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3 Responses to Journey

  1. Elizabeth says:

    oh susan, please know how helpful it is to me to find the quotes you choose to share here. I copied parts of the Gerald May passage into my journal this morning and it gave me courage. Sending you loads of light and sweetness for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
    Bisous, Elizabeth

  2. I love that journal page it and quote! Keep on creating off the page!

  3. eb says:

    Dear sweet Susan – these pages are so full of light and you – bubbling up from a too full plate to BE with you…
    love that quote – and yes – needing those words…
    xox – eb.

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