November 23 – November 24, 2007   standing alone today demands even more courage and strength than it did in former cultures. From infancy, children have been programmed to perform. Rather than living from their own needs and feelings, they learn to assess situations in order to please others. Without an inner core of certainty grounded in their own musculature, they lack the inner resources to stand alone. Pummeled by mass media and peer group pressures, their identity may be utterly absorbed by collective stereotypes. In the absence of adequate rites of passage, ad-men become the high priests of an initiation into the addictions of consumerism.
Marion Woodman


Model 1
I am always amused when I find random pictures of my children on my camera. I guess they were playing model and photographer. I often wonder as I look at my younger children if I am teaching them to live from their own inner needs and feelings. I want them to grow up strong and be able to face the world on their own two feet but I am also a wimp at times and say yes when I should be saying no.
But I am not in the mood at the moment to ruminate on my parenting skills. Instead I am going to hug and kiss my children and thank God for blessing with with such an amazing family.

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2 Responses to ruminate

  1. darlene says:

    🙂 how wonderful!!

  2. eb says:

    love these images – your daughter is so BEautiful
    xox – eb.

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