November 22, 2007 DHARMA

Using our unique talent to serve humanity is the third aspect of the law of dharma. When we use our creative expression to meet the needs of other people, we experience true joy and ecstasy. We detach from the fear and struggle of the ego and surrender to the wisdom of our higher self. Living in dharma allows us to enjoy the boundless love of our spiritual essence. Deepak Chopra
What is your unique talent and are you using this talent to Mirror
serve humanity? This may be to deep of a question for me to answer today or tomorrow. I know I love to use my creative talents (or what I perceive to be my creative talents) but am I using them to help others or am I looking for an excuse to keep playing with paint and art supplies. 
I guess I have not completely detached from fear and struggle associated with my ego. But once you detach do you stay detached or does ones ego slowly creep back? 

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One Response to dharma

  1. eb says:

    yes indeed – I have this lovely reflection – so gorgeous these reflecting images of you and your book…
    ready to get into it sweet Susan – missing you – any chance you might consider a journaling retreat with me here in the white/snow/cold of Jan/Feb?…
    xox – eb.

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