November 18, 2007 

Simplicity is something that our
Fundamental nature inherently 
Possesses. If we prepare in 
Advance and nurture it within
Ourselves, then wherever we happen to 
Be, whether in wealth and high rank, 
Or poverty and low status, 
In foreign lands, or in difficult
Circumstances, we deal with 
Whatever situation we are in 
By retaining our simplicity there. 
It is not increased when we do great 
Deeds or reduced when we are 
Dwelling in obscurity. 
Wherever we go, we are at peace, 
Because we have found simplicity.
 - Nie Bao (1487-1563)

November 19, 2007

There is no place for exertion or effort in Buddhism; it is just a matter of being normal and nonobsessed, taking care of bodily functions, dressing and eating, lying down when tired. Fools laugh at me; it is the wise ones who understand this. An ancient said, “Those who work on externals are all ignoramuses.” – Lin Chi (d 867?)

I agree with a life of simplicity but this weekend I was able to experience ( in person ) something amazing (complex)….

One space

Two space

Three space


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One Response to simplicity

  1. eb says:

    seeking simplicity – out of necessity and choice – YES!
    xox – eb.

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