November 12- November 14, 2007 "For this reason, the purest acts of faith always feel like risks. Instead of leading to absolute quietude and serenity, true spiritual growth is characterized by increasingly deep risk taking. Growth in faith means willingness to trust God more and more, not only in those areas of our lives where we are most successful, but also, and most significantly, at those levels where we are most vulnerable, wounded, and weak. It is where our personal power seems most defeated that we are given the most profound opportunities to act in true faith. The purest faith is enacted when all we can choose is to relax our hands or clench them, to turn wordlessly toward or away from God. This tiny option, the faith Jesus measured as the size of a mustard seed, is where grace and the human spirit embrace in absolute perfection and explode in world-changing power." Gerald May


Today is hard because there is so much sadness in the air around me. I am sending peace and love to all those I know. I am praying for God to give them a small glimmer of hope. The pain of losing loved ones is horrible but this close to the holiday season the pain feels unimaginable. As I wrote yesterday I am trying to embrace this  moment and appreciate everyone and everything around me. 
So at this moment I digging deep for some feeling of gratitude that I have a yard over run with leaves which I need to vacuum, rake and bag. Dodo (real name Lucky)  here thinks he is going to help. Embrace the leaves.Fall
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One Response to Embrace

  1. eb says:

    well this did it! – your blog is the most amazing read I have had in some time – this is what I need to know – I am so very thankful that we were together at Squam – not that I ever wondered or even questioned that attraction – now just so grateful…
    thank you for YOUR strength sweet friend
    xox – eb.

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