October 20, 2007 – October 21, 2007 A wise old man once told me never to go to sleep immediately after going to bed. "Simmer" he said. "Lie quietly and review the events and experiences of the day and sort out what has been important and what has been trivial" It may be the best advice I  ever got. Our society, already flooded with information, might act with greater wisdom if we individually developed the habit of simmering. Sam Keen

October 21, 2007 Continue simmering
The weather here on the East Coast has been incredible.Fall walks
I have bee enjoying fall walks. Some with Megan and  some with just the dogs. The dogs are in heaven because I have been taking all three with me which I am not always brave enough to do but since Maggie( the white dog) seems to enjoy walking herself. Well how I could I leave her behind.

We have been Gold leaves
collecting leaves and seeing what we can create with them. So I guess I Have been been simmering this fall and enjoying the beauty of the out door world around me.

Fall simmer
Red leaves

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One Response to Simmer

  1. darlene says:

    oh such gorgeous leaves 🙂

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