October 13, 2007 " Detach with love." Detach from the problem not the person

October 14, 2007  Stop reacting and being controlled by my reactions.

Today I am listening to my words of wisdom from last year but for different reasons. Today I will focus on detaching from all the useless chatter in my brain. In yoga I have found two terms for the restlessness of the ordinary mind, Monkey mind and or Puppy Mind. 
Stephen Cope writes about.. "tie the puppy to the post." 
  When the puppy is tied to the post, he may at first object, and pull against the restraint.
  But eventually he will calm down, quiet, and settle. And so, too, the mind. Initially 
  the mind wanders, adopting its characteristic discursive quality, but eventually it settles 
  into the object.
When we focus or tie our mind to a mantra, a repeated ritual or the breath, the mind will eventually calm down, quiet, and settle.
With a quieted mind creating art becomes effortless, uncomplicated and painless.
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One Response to uncomplicated

  1. misty says:

    how nice it is to come here and visit your thoughts and see your photos on this fall morning. tie the puppy to the post…. never thought of it like that, i like it and will try it! thank you!
    love your son’s socks… last year jade refused to wear socks that matched, i loved that!
    hope you have a beautiful day.
    thank you for visiting my blog.

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