October 12, 2007  I will not choose one religion but I will find a combination of many….Buddha, Catholicism, Judaism, etc.

When I read this I immediately thought of the current presidential election. There are certain aspects of the fiscal policies of both the Republican and Democratic parties I do not agree with. I do not believe that moral issues such as abortion and gay marriages are decisions of the state but are decisions to be left to your own personal church. (I will never understand if a marriage is a contract than where does the state have the legal right to make gender decisions within a contract).  I am disgusted with the hatred I have witnessed from both Republicans and Democrats. I am horrified that people pass on emails that have been altered therefore passing on lies. I hate that I cannot ask the political questions I wish to ask because people will immediately judge me on who they think I am voting for. So I needed to disengage from all political thinking today and I headed to my studio.
I started with this photo I took today of Megan and Pat.
After many steps it now looks like….
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One Response to Choices

  1. joan says:

    I’ve been reading your blog this morning and smiling… I love that each day is a spiritual journey and how we try to incorporate the sacred into our daily lives, which is not always an easy feat.
    This photo that you have altered is truly beautiful… do you imagine we see loved ones like this in altered ways… how our eyes see through the heart, with love and fierce devotion… it makes for beautiful interpretation that is for certain.
    I always feel the need to apologize for slipping off the map, but you know that is how life is sometimes 🙂
    I shall email you a proper note, I would love to get together possibly early next week (?) possibly for a lovely brunch… we have so much to share.
    love to you today dear susan

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