September 17, 2007 Life is a creative endeavor . It is active not passive. Julia Cameron



There is so much truth in the statement I found for my journal last year and this year I proved its truth by example. I wish I had close ups of all the amazing stuff/supplies people brought with them for  Nina's workshop.
 This was a three day workshop and we stayed in this room and created/played for hours and hours. So many beautiful pieces of art were created. Check out what Elizabeth made her pictures are lovely. 
Now I am trying to get back into the rhythm of being home and I am not thrilled by household chores. In between laundry and cleaning I take a coffee break and write in my journal….
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2 Responses to Active

  1. So glad you got to catch an earlier flight! Was an amazing time, and at the moment I am almost speechless as to what to say. You were an awesome roommate, and I think we just may have had the smallest room.

  2. eb says:

    re-entry is challenging – so fun to see your pictures and read your sweet words – you were my flashlight – my Squam buddy – and I thank you so very much… you taught me many things – and I especially loved our conversation on the porch in the moonlight – which inspired the renewal of a series…
    how are you sweet friend?
    I think I am back to Bikram
    sending you my love
    looking forward to BE-ing together again
    I’ll carry your flashlight anytime…
    xox – eb.

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