September 8 – September 9, 2007  Late summer into fall is a transition period. This time is an opportunity for openness and freshness. To be open for inspiration and enlightenment.

Here is one of our house's transition projects…. Allison's old room andAllisons old room
here is her new updated room. I traded beds with Megan's room and raided the rest of the house for odds and ends. I did find carpet tiles on clearance at Home Depot for the floor.
Allison's room

I    am thrilled with the more sophisticated look of the new room. The only thing I had to purchase was the carpet tiles. 
 I am so happy with this room that I am now obsessed with all the kids room being clean and organized. The kids are not pleased with my need for order. But look at Justin's room………
Justin's room
I tried the logic that you will sleep better in a clean room. I not sure they believed me but I  know I will sleep better. Look at the view out his window. I call his room a tree fort.
Justin's window


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