Fly Free

August 26 – August 28, 2007 Acceptance is the practice of being at home within ourselves, our lives and the universe. Being at home means that we claim our place in order of things and willing to summit to this order even though we cannot comprehend it fully. Christina Baldwin

Art as a spiritual discipline entails paying attention to images and opening ourselves to their unique expressions rather than trying to fix the problems we think they represent. The unsettling image is an ally of the soul that helps me reframe how I am looking at life and living it." — Art Heals: How Creativity Cures the Soul Shaun Mcniff
Sc00dee092Today I immersed myself in my journals. I repainted pages. I added images and text on to my journal pages. I just played and I let the colors, shapes and forms on the pages be my guide. I tried no to over think or rationalize my designs. I followed my instincts. I guess in reference to last year… today I was trying to just be at home to with  my ideas and to just accept them and not try to fix the designs.I was trying to stay open to the unique expression I had created and elaborate on the design not change it.  Maybe this could be a metaphor for life. To elaborate on ones already existing life,to fly free in the life one has created.Fly free
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