August 14, 2007  Intelligence  Through the course of our lives, this goodness, warmth and intelligence can easily become covered over by doubt, fear and egotism. We tend to fall into a kind of sleep or stupor, believing in the conditioning we have as the ultimate truth, and coming under the sway of fear. The journey of becoming fully human means seeing through fear and egotism, and waking up to our natural intelligence. It takes kindness—to ourselves and others—and courage, to wake up in this world.  author unknown 

"Intelligence comes from the Latin verb "intellegere", which means "to understand". By this rationale, intelligence (as understanding) is arguably different from being "smart" (able to adapt to one's environment), or being "clever" (able to creatively adapt)." Wikipedia


My art work-61

                                                                     Pj me and dog
I am not sure how al these images relate to intelligence but I did not think I just went with my instincts. Who knows maybe later tonight I will  delete these images or I will write a post that will tie this post together. At this moment I need to be heading to be car because I am going out  for an early dinner with Megan and Rebecca at a new restaurant named The Black Hog. 

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