August 8, 2007 We are all half-baked experiments-mistake-prone beings, born without an instruction book into a complex world. None of us are models of perfect behavior: We have all betrayed and been betrayed; we've been known to be egotistical, unreliable, lethargic, and stingy; and each one of us has, at times, awakened in the middle of the night worrying about everything from money to kids to terrorism to wrinkled skin and receding hairlines. In other words, we're all bozos on the bus. Elizabeth Lesser


Last year my words of wisdom to myself where to stop being so serious and find S684191289_1055703_6734
 some laughter in your life. This year I am once again in need of the same advice. So what better place to find laughter than observing young teenagers .  I need to relax and find more humor in myself and the situations of my day to day life.Bozos
If my children fail to make me laugh then I look to my dogs to amuse me.

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