July 30, 2007- August 1, 2007 
“Everything in nature is in-Spirit – it isn’t spoiled by ego, nor can it ever be. So when nature speaks to us, we should listen intently. When a wild bird touches us, for instance, or a fish brushes by when we’re swimming in the ocean or lake, I believe that it’s a direct communication from our Source of Being. Since these creations of God instinctively keep their distance, when they depart from their DNA patterns to actually contact us physically, I think we should pay attention.” Wayne Dyer

My art work-17

I do find peace in nature. I love watching the birds, butterflies, bees and other insects P1030010
swarming around my flowers. Daily I am amused  by the squirrels and their endless quest for my bird feeder.  I am blessed by a gorgeous male cardinal who appears outside my kitchen window at some point every day. 

"Good night, my Guardian Angel,
The day has sped away;
Well spent or ill, its story
Is written down for aye.
And now, of God's kind Providence,
Thou image pure and bright,
Watch over me while I'm sleeping.
My Angel dear, good night!"

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