July 29, 2007
 Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up. Natalie Goldberg

Yesterday I was thinking about passions especially summer passions. One passion that follows me from summer to summer is reading. This summer I have intrigued by the writings of5684_cope_stephen
 Stephen Cope. I am currently reading Yoga and the Quest for the True Self…. When awakened, this hunger to live fully will drive us—as it did Thoreau—to go to any lengths; to throw ourselves against any complex set of life circumstances; to face any fear. As Jungian psychologist and author Carol Pearson teaches, this inchoate hunger gives rise to what she calls the “Wanderer”
  Stephen Cope is a MSW psychotherapist and senior yoga teacher at Kripalu. 
Stephen also  wrote….Early on in spiritual practice, most of us try on this idyll of retreat in various ways. Retreat, of course, is an enduring part of contemplative life—but have we examined what really happens in a skillful retreat? My experience is that if we’re on an authentic spiritual path, it won’t be too long before we discover—as Oliver does—that real spiritual practice is always an advance, not a retreat. Spiritual practice gives us tools to move more deeply into life—into the realities of our body, our heart, our relationships, our work.
Yes I have found a true passion for yoga. I love the practice as well as the history of yoga. In yoga I am finding the ability to be present and to be my true self.
Today I am finding my true self to be restless. When I am restless I find myself feeling very disconnected and ungrounded . No idea why I am feeling this way. Probable allot of little worries all scurrying around my brain that will not settle. So I am focusing on my breath and reminding myself to take deep breathes. Breaths that will soften my belly and help to alleviate any stress and fear I am carrying with me.                                  r
 My art work-54

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