July 22, 2007    
charism (plural: charismata. From the Greek, charis – grace; the divine influence on the receiver’s heart, and its reflection in his or her life.[1]) is a power, generally of a spiritual nature, believed to be a freely given gift by the grace of God.
July 23, 2007 Charism is simply the Greek word used in the New Testament for “favor” or “gratuitous gift”. Charisms, or spiritual gifts, are special abilities given to Christians by the Holy Spirit to enable them to be powerful channels of God’s love and redeeming presence in the world. Whether extraordinary or ordinary, charisms are to be used in charity or service to build up the Church (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2003).
So this time last year I was reading Carolyn Myss’s book Entering the Castle. Hence I was intersted in the definition and meaning of Charism. I am at a loss to write a post around this word. My mind has drawn a complete blank. But as I was searching for inspiration I did find this quote from Carolyn Myss that I feel compelled to share. 
The ideas and inspirations that filter into our minds, hearts, and intuitive system, is an expression of “organic Divinity”; that is, it is a channel through which the energetic patterns in your life orbit are attempting to motivate you to make a choice in direction. Choice organizes energy patterns, giving them direction, focus, purpose, and intention. Carolyn Myss 
All the “organic Divinity” I have been receiving lately  has been channeled through my garden and my garden helpers.


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