July 20, 2007 Faith is belief in what you cannot see or prove or touch  – ELizabeth Gilbert

July 21, 2007  Faith is …..Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.

White cone flowersWhen I feel my faith my in certain situations is lacking or being tested I try to find answers by working in my garden. For me a lack of my own faith results in feelings of not being grounded. I have always turned outside to regain my footing. But this week as I ventured outside I
Red zoe
 was  annoyed by the heat. The hot oppressive air that is typical of Maryland in July. The heat that makes you feel like your body has raised it temperature by a 100 degrees. These are the days when the dogs will last outside for ten minutes before heading back inside to find an air conditioning vent to snuggle next to and sleep with cold air blowing on them. 
For today I am going to have faith that either the heat will break or I will thrive in the heat.. not melt.

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1 Response to Faith

  1. joan says:

    I’m smiling as I read this post…
    are you reveling in the break from the incessant heat or what!
    I love the photo effects on your dog… gives dog day afternoons a whole new meaning 🙂
    And as for faith, it only takes a mustard seeds worth… wish I could remember that.

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