July 16, 2007  “Born divine” is a notion that fairly saturates Indian philosophy and spiritual practice. It was first systematically articulated in the tradition known as Vedanta, which arose on the Indian subcontinent as early as 600 BCE, and has been powerful force in Indian spiritual history even to the present day. Most of the branches of Vedanta hold one fundamental view in common: all individual souls are one with the great river of life, we are all, in effect, just a single soul. We are, in the classical dictum, “One without a second.” Stephen Cope

Here is current Stephen Cope quote that I resonate with….“Yoga puts our experience of enlightenment at the exact center of our being. Though we may appear separate from one another, we are no more separate than the wave is separate from the sea, or than the air in a glass jar is separate from the surrounding air. We are pervaded by and animated by the same spirit, the same nature, and that nature is constant through the manifold changes of birth, growth, and dissolution; it cannot be wounded, or separated from itself”.
Tonight I am tired. I have been attempting this week to develop some sort of exercise schedule. Not sure what the schedule outcome is but I have been exercising. I do consider gardening exercise. I thought I would share some images of my garden in the evening.
Night in the garden

Here are some lovely flowers from my garden 100_0918

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One Response to Together

  1. darlene says:

    oh wow ~ your garden is delicous really 🙂 must be lovely to sit out there!! xo

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