June 22,2007 
 In a world of tension and breakdown it is necessary for there to be those who seek to integrate their inner lives not by avoiding anguish and running away from problems, but by facing them in their naked reality and in their ordinariness. Thomas Merton

June 23, 2007 Pretty incredible things can happen when people come together. Ty Pennington
June 24, 2007 Momentum is an insufficient source of energy for movement. Eventually it dwindles, defeated by friction, wind resistance, gravity — the givens of life in the world of matter. And in the world of the spirit, as well: if all that propels you is your own motion, you need to stop. If what you do and say has meaning only because you’ve always done and said it, it’s time to ask yourself if you really mean any of it. Barbara Crafton
Today was an amazing day. A day where the possibilities are endless and I am praying for one of my dreams to come true. I am secret admirer of this man.

Allison ( My oldest daughter) is completely addicted to 
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I mean the world stops on Sunday night for this show. We do not go out to dinner we do not go any where unless the show is a repeat that Alli has seen more than once. 
What an incredible surprise to find the Home Editions team 30 minutes from my house. At this very moment they are working on a home in Poolesville Maryland that will be the season premier in September.
 “Construction begins today on a new affordable home in Poolesville that is being erected by the ABC television show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” staff and local builder Classic Homes of Maryland.

 County resident Felicia Jackson recently purchased the property on Jerusalem Church Terrace from the financial institution that foreclosed on it.  The purchase of the 1.3 acre corner lot was financed through a loan from the County. The County is providing technical expertise and assistance to ensure that the show’s staff and volunteers are able to complete the project by Sunday, June 29.  That is when Jackson and her family are scheduled to return from a show-sponsored vacation to be surprised by a “dream home” built especially for them. “

Yes I was there helping today with Allison and Pat. My dream is to help paint. I want to help the designers with a mural, a faux finish anything that will require putting a brush in my hand. I went up to the assistant director of Lock and Key productions and stuck out my hand and said “Hi My name is Susan and I would love to help paint.” He took my cell phone number and said I or someone will call you. Well just guess how often I check my cell phone and yes the volume is turned up louder than it has ever been.
But we will return tomorrow to help where ever is needed because the process is amazing, truly awe inspiring. I have now seen first hand the amazing things people can accomplish when they work together.
The end of today here are Allison and Pat walking to the car.

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One Response to Wanting

  1. darlene says:

    how wonderful 🙂 i hope you get to paint!! xo

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