Follow your Heart

June 15, 2007  Even the most exalted states and the most exceptional spiritual accomplishments are unimportant if we cannot be happy in the most basic and ordinary ways, if we cannot touch one another and the life we have been given with our hearts. Jack Kornfield.

June 16, 2007 In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love. Mother Teresa

Last Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity of chaperoning my daughter Allison's Success class to Washington D. C. for the day. This class is an amazing group of young adults with various developmental delays. But the one characteristic these kids all share is they have extremely large hearts (metaphorically speaking). They are full of love. They want to share their love and experience love from people around them. Allison and I both agreed the museum of Natural History was a learning experience that we did have toP1020848
 experience again for some time. We both loved walking to Chinatown and eating lunch at Tony Cheng's a famous mongolian restaurant. 
I had forgotten how hot the city is in the summer. The heat radiated up from the pavement and felt intensified by the brick buildings. It was a reminder of why I do not spend many days sightseeing in Washington D. C. in the summer. A trip to the beach is more my style.
Alli to train

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