What A Day


  1.  June 11, 2007 The second yama SATYA, or truthfulness. This means  practicing honesty with ourselves as well as with others.                       June 12, 2007 The third yama ASTEYA, or nonstealing.                         June 13, 2007 The fourth yama BRAMACHARYA, or chastity.                 June 14  2007 The fifth yama APARIGRAHAH, or greedlessness.

What a day! I was attending a workshop taught by Rod Stryker on parayoga.
After the first session we had a break. I checked my phone and I had received a picture text of my son PJ lying on a stretcher with a nasty cut on the right side of his face. Needless to say I was completely confused and was starting to panic when I reached Pat. The story is this…PJ and his three friends where heading home from Senior week in Ocean City Maryland this morning. They were ten minutes outside of O.C. when they hit Maryland State trooper(the cop pulled out in front of them without yielding). The driver's side air bag went off but there was not an airbag on the passenger side and PJ's head hit the dashboard. After a visit to the emergency room and I do not know how many stitches later they are heading home. After all the worrying I did all week this is one scenario that never crossed my mind. I had actually breathed a sigh of relief when PJ. text me this morning saying they would be on the road in a hour and he would be glad to be home.
Once I knew PJ was going to be okay and since I was the designated driver to this workshop I stayed for Part 2: ParaYoga® Vinyasa Lunar Practice – Finding our source of healing and peace through forward bends, long holds, specific bandha, pranayama, and meditation practices. All levels. During this session we mostly worked on quieting our minds. It was(for me) incredible challenging as my mind was racing in all directions. Cell phones are not appreciated in yoga studios but I kept mine next to me the entire practice, on vibrate, and I kept glancing at the phone praying it would not shudder, quiver, or  tremble. I spent the next two hours quieting my mind and praying for PJ's health and safety. I do think my breathing was as calm and de-stressing  as it was supposed to be….I feel at times I may have sounded like a snorting  bull. 
I am now home with my entire family.  "Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need." Sarah Ban Breathnach
Life purpose

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