May 17, 2007  Be authentic
May 18, 2007 I want a healthy body that is filled with energy
May 19, 2007 I want to live my life's passions

This past weekend I participated in an Anusara yoga workshop with Amy Ippoliti. TheFit_yoga_cover_june_2008_2
workshop, studio and people were wonderful. Saturday we learned how to assist others with proper poses and alignment. Sunday we learned the "art of heart language".
I love how if you stay open and pay attention to the world around you certain aspects of your life start to make sense. Recently I have been reading One City: A declaration of interdependence. This weekend I  read this quote by John Friend the founder of Anusara yoga.  I felt one of those aha moments when I read  his words how practicing yoga facilitates the inter-connectedness of all life……

By following ethical guidelines we practice serving the flow of
goodness in our thoughts and intentions, kindness in our words and
life-enhancing skills through our actions. If the highest goal of
practicing yoga is to remember the inter-connectedness of all life,
connect to the one Universal Spirit that is the essence of everything,
then it stands to reason that everything we do should honor and
facilitate that awakening for all beings. Works of service off the mat
are a natural extension of this. From the profound knowledge of the
inextricable, delicate and wondrous interconnection of all of life, we
are instinctively moved from within to cultivate skillful means of
enhancing life for the entire planet.
– John Friend

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