May 15, 2007   Humility
May 16, 2007 "True humility is releasing the need to win, to have to win, to have to have the last word, to have to always have your insecurities reinforced with endless support. Humility is the ability to help someone who is injured – not to wait for years for the other person to apologize…" Caroline Myss

As artists we are humbled on a daily basis. How many art projects have ended in the trash can. But how many art projects have flourished once we humble ourselves to the process and stop trying to control it.Sc008b080a

I associate humility with control. To be humble one has to have the ability to let go and just be. I am not saying give up but live your life without an agenda. I see so much unhappiness because expectations were not met.
The "secret" of life that we are all looking for is just this: to develop through sitting and daily life practice the power and courage to return to that which we have spent a lifetime hiding from, to rest in the bodily experience of the present moment- even if it is a feeling of being humiliated , of failing, of abandonment, of unfairness. – Charlotte Joko Beck


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