May 11, 2007  –  Grace, continue to strive to live a grace filled life.
May 12, 2007  – May 14, 2007  Real peacemakers do not hate the hatred in others; they do not make war in their hearts against war. Real peacemakers start with an understanding of the nature or life. Understanding leads organically to a far reaching and healing sense of forgiveness – forgiveness of one’s own perfections, and of the imperfections of others, and of the world.

I love this quote from The New American Spirituality A Seekers’s by Elizabeth Lesser. I think in todays world it is easy to be caught up with judging others imperfections and indicting others for our own flaws and failures. We must start by forgiving ourselves. We must be honest and understand ourselves so forgiveness does not lead to a feeling of entitlement. Mary_child_sprayed_stencil

I know what I want and that is to live a peace filled life based on love. Which I believe most people want. It is what I wanted for yesterday on Mother’s Day. I remember when I was younger and asking my Mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day and she replied for you and your sisters to be nice to each other and to get along, no fighting. Looking back I do not believe that we fought as much as we picked on each other. We were constantly judging and felt compelled to share our knowledge/opinions with each other. In a house of three girls I feel that this was very normal but not very healthy. So for my own children I am trying to teach them understanding and forgiveness. I have learned they will only grasp the meaning of these words by my own example. So for today I am going to continue making art which is my personnel guide to understanding life.


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One Response to Strive

  1. kateri says:

    Susan, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 The paitning is really something…the colours, and the texture, and the luminosity…and the message, acceptance, gentleness…give and take…beautiful.
    I needed this lesson more than once this weekend. I was really struggling wiht feeling kind towards my ex. I was not very kind..but I also struggle with injustice and being taken advantage of sometimes. I need to keep reminding myself of what you have shared here, and even what I wrote about on my blog the other day…be like water.

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