May 3 2007 – May 4 2007   

Simplicity, kindness
And forgiveness-
These three are 
The most powerful branches
Of the life-tree of Christianity.

Excerpt from My Religion by
Sri Chinmoy.

Today was one of those exceptionally beautiful days. The sky was so blue the air crystal clear, all the colors of spring were magnificent. I know my feelings for today were magnified because I had survived Senior Prom. Maybe I should say we, but I think I amP1020646
the one who worries the most. Not that this group has given me anything to worry about but….as a parent there is always a but or a what if. Those worries you never want to talk about because why give any of those worries energy.
I am only thinking positive, happy thoughts tonight. My children are all home nestled safely
in their beds. My son and his girlfriend had a wonderful time last night. To be a parent is so exhausting one minute and so exhilarating the next. At this moment I fall under the exhausted category. But It is worth it and I am going to sleep in awe wondering how my children grew up so fast….where has all the time gone? But if i am feeling old I am IP1020660
think my mother is feeling the same way.


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One Response to Kindness

  1. kateri says:

    So sweet…and thank goodness all went well and everyone made it home safely. They all look so sweet! Ah, what memories…

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