May 1, 2007 – May 2, 2007                   Yes! No!  Mary Oliver

How necessary it is to have opinions! I think the spotted trout
lilies are satisfied, standing a few inches above the earth. I
think serenity is not something you just find in the world,
like a plum tree, holding up its white petals.

The violets, along the river, are opening their blue faces, like
small dark lanterns.

The green mosses, being so many, are as good as brawny.

How important it is to walk along, not in haste but slowly,
looking at everything and calling out

Yes! No! The

swan, for all his pomp, his robes of grass and petals, wants
only to be allowed to live on the nameless pond. The catbrier
is without fault. The water thrushes, down among the sloppy
rocks, are going crazy with happiness. Imagination is better
than a sharp instrument. To pay attention, this is our endless
and proper work.

I am not sure I have anything to add today as this poem is as appropriate today as it was a year ago . I love the last line of this poem. "To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work." Here are a few images that shows what I was paying attention to today…….






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  1. kateri says:

    It’s warm enough for flowers there???
    I am hoping to get into the dirt tomorrow on my day off…
    miss you!

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