Journal April 24, 2007 “If our relationship’s don’t function at least some of
the time in an atmosphere of openness, compassion, acceptance and
commitment they may actually be contributing to stress and disease.”
Elizabeth Lessing
April 25, 2007 We all must have faith in your body so when sick it can heal.
April 26, 2007 Consciously seek out relationships that encourage well being.
April 27, 2007 “ OK Openness and Kindness makes life OK.” Dean Sluyter

This time last year I was focused on two interrelated issues. The first issue that interested me was the mind and body connection. It is essential for both mind and body to be healthy at the same time because without a healthy mind it is impossible for our bodies to be healthy.
The second is how our relationships effects our day-to-day well being. I have spent the past week developing, nurturing, and improving relationships. We, (sisters, husbands, 0426081444a
children, and friends) helped my mother move. Finally by yesterday afternoon her townhouse was empty. What a week, well two weeks, process it has been emptying a three level home. Moms_apart_2
There was so much stuff to distribute amongst other people’s houses, Good Will, and the trash can. So much consolidation needed to be done because the new location is a lovely two bedroom apartment. 0426081638_2
Finally all the furniture and boxes were at the apartment after several hours of unpacking, and trying to solve computer and phone problems I said enough enough time to go out to dinner. Well we ventured across the street to a wonderful Italian restaurant. The restaurant is located inside a mall which we where entering through Bloomingdales. Before 0426081910
entering the building  we stumbled upon an amazing sight. Perched at the entrance was a Canadian Goose  standing so still we thought it was a statue. Then we saw him crain his neck and hiss at people walking by and we realized this bird was alive. But why was he here in this urban location and why was he not frightened off by all the pedestrian traffic? This  is a very  populated area and an extremely 0426081910a_2
busy mall. Look closely at this photo especially behind the goose up against the back wall. Yes he is guarding his soon to be family. I know nothing about the mating habits of Canadian geese but I do find this scenario fascinating. I am completely bewildered on how these geese stumbled upon this location to make a nest and I guess become squatters.
Still pondering over the life of geese we entered 0426081941
Bloomingdales to find an amazing kitchen sale in process. When Pat saw the Le Creuset pans he stopped and I think he was drooling. He has spent many an evening fantasizing about one day actually owning a Le Creuset pan. My mother either has a soft part in her heart for Pat or she just felt plain guilty for the hours he has spent on the phone with Verizon and Comcast. What ever the reason Pat now has the perfect pot and I am anticipating the perfect dinner.
I am enjoying a perfect Sunday morning in bed with my laptop, delicious doughnuts,0427080856_4

  and friends. I am blessed because my life is filled with openeness and kindness so to echo the words of Dean Sluyter my life is OK.

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  1. kateri says:

    LUCKY!!!! Donuts in bed for you, AND LUCKY Pat to have a Le Creuset pot… I have ALWAYS wanted one…
    Now….what colour did he choose? There are so many now!

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