April 16, 2007  Be kind to yourself and to others. Practice acts of kindness everyday.
April 17, 2007  Art reflects who we are. What art reflects who you are today?

I am trying to be more productive in the mornings( It is 6:55 a.m.) so I can spend more time outside in the afternoons. I love spring. It is absolutely beautiful here this week with each day getting a little warmer and another tree blooming in color. Knokdoor_2

I wish I could remember last year what type of art or  Balloongirl_2
piece of art reflected me. I know last year I infatuated by  spray paint artist’s . I loved and still love the work of Banksy. I am inspired by his ability to make his art interactive. He has touched on the human emotions that make us stop and think. His work illustrates that very Banksy_fishing_kid_small_2
fine line between right and wrong. He does this both with his subject matter and the placement of his work. Notice in this small image what the boy has caught in is bucket not a fish or even a shoe but a needle. What a simple image. But what sentiments arise within you? For today do I feel inspired by a Romantic or an avant-garde artist? Today I will gather my inspiration from nature. What could be more awe inspiring than the cherry blossoms.


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  1. kateri says:

    For me, today, it is tiny flowers peeking out, glowing in such brilliant colours, opening new to the sun everyday… ones that you have to get very close to to really see.

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