April 15, 2007  Be open… Be kind….Be in the moment…. ALWAYS!

Why are teenage girls so mean to each other?  My dear Megan is having  a terrible time P1020519
in school. There is one girl who is doing most of the tormenting. My Megan is very sensitive and just does not know how to the handle this "mean" girl. Being her Mother’s daughter she is taking her frustrations out on the P1020524_2
ones she loves. Poor sweet Michael who she has spent so much time with over these past six weeks rehearsing Peter Pan was Megan’s punching bag today. But I do believe I got her to understand the importance of being kind to others…. always. Being thirteen is so difficult but I wish difficult did  not translate into mean. I wish I knew a magic trick that would teach these kids how to be open to others and not judge or get jealous. Why do some kids feel the need to hold all the power, to be the " head cheerleader" so to speak? P1020553Why cannot people both young and old co-exist side by side not above and below each other.
I just pray Megan recognizes her light which most of the time is filled with compassion  and continues to let it shine on those around her.                   

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  1. darlene says:

    oh … that is so sad to hear, hope it improves for her, i have a 13 year old so i know how hard it can be for them … sigh

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