April 13 2007  Creating is fun.
                           Art is fun.
April 14, 2007  Do not hold to tightly to good ideas give them room to grow into great ideas.

While thinking about art, creating and having fun and giving ideas room to grow, I stumbled upon a journal page I started several weeks. I immediately thought of the goose who laid a golden egg which then guided me to read about alchemy.

The Theory and Philosophy of Alchemy
grand objects of the alchemical art were (1) the discovery of a process
by which the
baser metals might be transmuted into gold and silver; (2)
the discovery of an elixir
by which life might be prolonged indefinitely; and there is sometimes
added (3) the manufacture of an artificial process of human life (see Homunculus).
Religiously, the transmutation of metals can be thought of as a symbol
of the transmutation of the self to a higher consciousness and the
discovery of the elixir as an affirmation of eternal life.  (from

I then found another recent journal page where I was exploring with an idea titled life’s explosions. I feel like life is one (both big and small )Explosions
explosion after another. As we search for the perfect life, the longer life , or the richer life we create mishaps along life’s path. We disrupt the natural flow and order of life. We try to be the alchemists of our own lives. We want to turn all the bad unhappy moments into golden experiences. Somehow by being greedy and wanting only happy moments the opposite arises. We end up with an aversion to our current life( job, children, spouse etc.). Maybe we  hold onto ideas so tightly that have we lost the ability to simple have fun and to see the beauty and joy in everyday life. I feel life has become so serious that I want to integrate more fun into each day. To be surrounded by peels of laughter and smiling faces. I guess I want explosions of happiness that arise from the natural order of life. Yes I know there will be depressed joyless moments but I know fireworks of happiness will follow.

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