April 12,2007  Accept God/or a person where he/she is now. Where he/she is in my life at this exact moment. Stop forcing and looking just accept.

A quote from the directors note in the program of the Peter Pan Project    P1020435

   Well, the real story here isn’t so much in the details of the action as in the journey of the characters, cast and crew. None of us are the same people we were when we began; if audiences can be changed by art (and oh boy,can we!) then the actors and art makers MUST be brave enough to be changed FIRST-and we are. Creating is a magical, powerful, altering energy, and I encourage all of you to take part. And to keep in mind, that most journeys end where they began and what has changed is the journey-ers ability  to see where and who they are. – Charlie Smith
The Peter Pan Project is finished. Now it is time to reclaim my life here in my house. It takes me a day or to to refocus and decide what creative project needs my attention next or what media I feel a desire to work with. I am P1020421
also feeling the need to rest in stress free no stimulus environment. I am feeling the need to stop thinking and analyzing everything and everyone around me. I need to appreciate how blessed I am to be on this continual creative journey. This journey that is filled with magical, powerful and altering energy from sensational people. Sc006314a6_2

I wonder where I am headed next and what fairy tale I will find myself in the middle of and what amazing life lessons I will  learn and how will I be changed. I realize more and more everyday that I am a true romantic. I love prince, princesses, evil stepmothers, and happy endings. I love magical worlds of make believe.

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  1. kateri says:

    and I am right there with ya… a hopeful romantic through and through…
    glad the whirlwind is over, even though I know it must have been ver special while you were in it.
    Talk again soon? When you’ve had some sleep 😉

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