Rest In Openness

April 8 & 9 2007
Rest In Openness……
We’re spending our lives dealing with problems and hustling for the things that are supposed to fulfill us. Yet fulfillment is always just beyond our grasp, in some indefinite tomorrow….We’ve simply been distracted…by our constant compulsion to look somewhere else for something more. 
Dean Sluyter

The above quote is from the book the zen commandments by Dean Sluyter. I listened to an interview between Dr. Oz and Dean on the Oprah radio channel last year and was enthralled.  At one part in the interview Dr. Oz and Dean were discussing writing. Dean said whenever my writing becomes to complicated I stop look away from the page and ask myself , "What are you trying to say?"
He goes on to make a comparison between writing and living. He writes, "Often what keeps us tangled is to much thinking"….."Between seeing and knowing, I was interposing too much thinking".
I am not sure why but when I read this it brought to mind the Winnie The Pooh quote P1010990_2

‘Oh bother!’ said Pooh, ‘I shall have to go on.’ ‘I can’t do either!’ said Pooh, ‘Oh help and bother!’ …
I find all of this so relevant for where I am today. The best thing I can do for myself at this crossroads in my life is simply to not think to much. I need to just enjoy all of life’s precious moments .
For instance Megan  Mypicture
came home from school yesterday and brought me this lovely gift of flowers up to my room. I love daffodils they remind me every day that winter is over and spring is here.
Lately I have had the privilege of working on a musical theater workshop with a group of wonderful children. These kids love transforming into their magical characters in their own special world. I guess I envy these kids and wished I had  my own special magical world. To not be me for a day, to be free of all worry and guilt. But in the words of Pooh "Oh bother…I shall have to go on". I do have these wonderful images to carry with me through the day.



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