I have come to the realization that I have confused many of my blog readers. I am sorry I am not in Florida this week but home here in Maryland. I am trying to figure out a visual cure. First I will explain, whenever the type of my post is in brown it is the quote from my journal of last year ( please notice the date). Here is what I wrote in my post on January 3 2008 explaining my idea.
A very dear friend gave me this calender last year. I was so sad after my Dad died that he suggested I start a gratitude journal. I tried to write things I was grateful for but I ended up writing words and quotes that spoke to me about me and for me. Everyday during the last year I would write a quote, motivational word or some tidbit to help me lift my spirits. To remind myself of what I was searching for and to help me appreciate each day. I thought for this year I would start my entries with the words I wrote on this day last year.

I think I will also had a thumbnail picture of my journal to help clarify what I am doing.


I will also take any suggestions as long as the idea is not to complicated my tech skills are limited.

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  1. darlene says:

    : ) what a lovely idea …

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