Carving Rubber

Today I needed to play. I needed to play with  my art supplies. So what better way to motivate myself then with Michelle Ward’s Crusade No. 18 


Last week I ordered rubber to carve into a stamp. So here was/is my attempt using an image Church_door_2
of an old church door in France. It was fun scanning the picture and then  turning it into a black and white image which I could transfer to the rubber. I first coated the rubber with white acrylic paint and laid the photo copy ink side down on the rubber. I did use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time. Then put it under water and rubbed the paper Sc0019bd21_2
off and the ink stayed on the     Sc0044cb48_3
rubber. My carving skills are not refined and I found it difficult to keep my edges smooth and the details were very hard but I also was not very patient as I wanted to see the finished project . I got confused Enter
as to what i wanted to cut out and what I wanted to keep. After this endeavor I attempted a smaller stamp. I carved a daffodilSc0044ec57_3



The quote on this page is from the Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd Connectedness is intrinsic in female life, and certainly when we envision the Divine as female we release a new and unique emphasis on relationship.


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13 Responses to Carving Rubber

  1. Susan – what a fabulous undertaking with the door carving. Love the image and I know what you mean about wanting to see it before it’s done. Looks great, as do the flowers! Thanks for showing us your carvings and how you’ve put them to use!

  2. Charlie says:

    It looks like the door from the old studio!

  3. JeriAnn says:

    The door is amazing and love your flowers. Is that a coneflower I spot? Very nice!

  4. PixieDust says:

    Yay! Excellent job!
    I find carving into linoleum so rewarding – probably because I find the curves so difficult also… I only have a few cut out, but have a Christmas stamp ready to go for this year’s cards!

  5. ArtKat says:

    Very challenging to carve the building, but you did a great job! The flowers are lovely! 🙂

  6. joan says:

    when you take on a new endeavor you certainly go all out!!!
    I love your church door 🙂
    I bought rubber for stamp cutting about 3 years ago and never even took it out of the box, you dear heart have inspired me to put that on my creative to do list.
    And Sue Monk Kidd… does it get any better than that?
    I love her too.
    Have a glorious weekend Susan, I’ll be thinking of you.

  7. Holy cow! I love doors and this is gorgeous. Your flowers are amazing, too. You really put in a huge effort and it paid off. Love it.

  8. Holy cow! I love doors and this is gorgeous. Your flowers are amazing, too. You really put in a huge effort and it paid off. Love it.

  9. audrey h. says:

    Your stamps are great. I love doors and i love daffodils. Love how you used the daffodil stamp…..looks awesome 🙂

  10. Oh my!!! You are one ambitious girl! I think you did an amazing job on the door, it’s awesome! Thanks for sharing with us! All my best, Kathy

  11. Kateri says:

    What a COOL idea! They turned out fantastic. And ten what you did with them… The door is incredible…don’t look at the photo..look at your image! It’s amazing…
    ps… I thought you would be here by now…

  12. Kim Tedrow says:

    I think the door is awesome, and I know what you mean about getting confused about what to keep and what to leave! And your daffodil is perfect. Nice work. -Kim

  13. carin.c says:

    Wow – love that door stamp. I can see how it was difficult but you did great! The daffodils are awesome too.

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