Praying to Mary

3/26/2007 Liz Ford passed away at 5:15  a.m

Liz Ford was the mother of my oldest and dearest friend. She passed away last year just six months after my my father past away. They are buried next to each in a beautiful small cemetery St. Gabriels in Potomac Maryland with a statue of Mary praying over them. I am not sure if there is any significance  but I have found myself these past few days praying a great deal to Mary. My devotion to Catholicism has wained over the past few years but my devotion to Mary has held strong.
Our Lady of Lourdes in France.



Mary, you showed yourself to Bernadette
in the crevice of the rock.
In the cold and grey of winter,
you brought the warmth, light and beauty
of your presence,

In the often obscure depths of our lives,
in the depth of the world where evil is so powerful,
bring hope,
return our confidence!

You are the Immaculate Conception,
come to our aid, sinners that we are.
Give us the humility to have a change of heart,
the courage to do penance.
Teach us to pray for all people.

Guide us to the source of true life.
Make us pilgrims going forward with your Church,
whet our appetite for the Eucharist,
the bread for the journey, the bread of life.

The Spirit brought about wonders in you, O Mary :
by his power, he has placed you near the Father,
in the glory of your eternal Son.
Look with kindness
on our miserable bodies and hearts.
Shine forth for us, like a gentle light,
at the hour of our death.

Together with Bernadette, we pray to you, O Mary,
as your poor children.
May we enter, like her, into the spirit of the Beatitudes.
Then, we will be able, here below,
begin to know the joy of the Kingdom of Heaven
and sing together with you :
Magnificent !

Glory to you, Virgin Mary,
blessed servant of the Lord,
Mother of God,
dwelling place of the Holy Spirit!


O Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, you are
the refuge of sinners, the health of the sick, and the comfort of the
afflicted. You know my wants, my troubles, my sufferings. By your
appearance at the Grotto of Lourdes you made it a privileged sanctuary
where your favors are given to people streaming to it from the whole
world. Over the years countless sufferers have obtained the cure for
their infirmities — whether of soul, mind, or body. Therefore I come
to you with limitless confidence to implore your motherly intercession.
Obtain, O loving Mother, the grant of my requests. Through gratitude
for Your favors, I will endeavor to imitate Your virtues, that I may
one day share in Your glory.

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