Follow your truth

3/21/2007  Follow your heart be solid and strong always.
3/22/2007   Sometimes it is way faster to go a little slower  – Creative Sparks
3/23/2007   Paint like a fiend when the idea posses you -Robert Henri


                                                                   WRITTEN BY CHARLIE SMITH

ALICE.    Oh dear, how will I ever get anywhere when no matter no
matter how far I go, I  seem always to end up in the same place. 
C.C.           Alice, maybe it isn’t the place that changes-but rather, the eyes through which you see it.
ALICE    How confusing-if I can’t believe what I see with my own eyes-
C.C.        Eyes are not enough. For true vision, you must see with your heart Alice. You must develop all eight of your senses.
ALICE.   Eight? But there are only five.
C.C.         Only five. Oh my, a poor sense of senses that would be – to have only five! No dear, the seventh sense is the sense of individuality – and the eighth is the sense of humor-and the Mad Hatter- who travels in that direction will help you with that.


ALICE.   What do I do now? I can’t move a bit! I must say when I woke this morning all I wanted was my present! I hadn’t expected anything like this! P1020347

WHITE RABBIT.   Don’t waste energy wanting things to be other than they are! You’d be ever so much happier if you’d spend your time accepting things rather expecting things. Do you follow?

We are finished with Alice for this year. It was a wonderful performance, actually three performances and Saturday’s matinee was sold out. I have included some of my favorite lines from the show. I would love to elaborate on why I love these lines but I must get myself ready for Easter dinner. So keep these final words with today…
  Dear ,becoming happens so quickly, often those who love us the most notice it the least. Promise you will remember, Alice, you have created the worlds you see- so, only you can know your own truth – don’t waste energy waiting for agreement. – Charlie Smith

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One Response to Follow your truth

  1. I would feel like a fraud if I did not give credit where credit was due; and so I cannot take full credit since many of the words belong to Mr. Lewis Carroll. And much of the inspiration for their arrangement and additions goes to the people – like you – with whom I work, who challenge me to rise to their level of creativity. Much love and happy bloomings of forsythia.

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