3/20/2007  Ode to spring…be true to your authentic self…respect yourself…be honest and true.
Today is final dress rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland which means all the sets and P1020327_2props must be finished, polished and shined by the run of the show this evening. All messes must be cleaned up. I guess this is going to be a busy first day of spring. I feel like the wind today all blustery with big gusts. My words from last year our good words to carry with me. I am tired  and my brain feels very full with lots and lots of small details. As this is the day I tend to let my nose get bent out of joint because I get frustrated that people do not follow through with the jobs they have signed up to do ….and this is the most ridiculous childlike mindset that I am not going to let invade my brain. I   
am going to stay positive today. I am not going to let my emotional side take over my practical side. I am going to stay clear headed and open minded and not be carried away by huge emotional gusts. Who knows by remaining calm what secrets may unravel by days end.

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One Response to Spring

  1. kateri says:

    I hope it is all going well…and that you are breathing deep and exhaling soft 🙂
    Happy Easter, Susan… I thought of you first thing this morning…don’t know why.
    Love you…xo

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