3/14/07 Enjoy, find the awe in everyday.


   Today’s journal page, was a collage of words. I was trying to define what awe meant to me this time of year a few days from the beginning of spring. After I finished this page I than went to the dictionary and here is the dictionary meaning….
A mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder inspired by authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might: We felt awe when contemplating the works of Bach.    
The phrase that resonated with me was great beauty. I have been carrying around John O’Donohue’s book Beauty the Invisible Embrace. I love this phrase he wrote in the beginning of the book. Even amidst chaos and disorder, something in the human mind continues still to seek beauty. From our very first moments in the world we seem to be on a quest for beauty.
I was trying to configure my own personal definition of awe inspired by great beauty when I stumbled upon this poem….
I did not have to ask my heart what it wanted
because of all the desires I have ever known,
just one did I cling to
for it was the essence of all desire:
to know beauty.

– St. John of the Cross

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3 Responses to Beauty

  1. linni says:

    finding beauty even in the little’st things…it’s been raining for almost a week now…and sitting at my desk looking outside…seeing the beauty in the softness of the rain…the cleaning from within…the new buds coming out on our tree…which i’m only noticing now for the first time…
    “great beauty”…don’t need any other explanation…those two words are enough.
    love your journal pages! xx

  2. kateri says:

    Wow, do you know I wrote a whole post called beauty yesterday and then deleted it? I must have sensed that you would take care of it 🙂 I LOVE that poem of St John…
    You are on such a journey or grace…
    The journal pages are incredible.
    Miss you…

  3. kateri says:

    Can you email me at work? I got a new computer and lost all of my contacts…
    thank you 🙂

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