Breath and Play

3/10/07 God can be found in the process of making art.
After my amazing yoga weekend I am finding myself at a loss as to where to branch out with these words. Yes I am tired today and it is difficult to do anything constructive. I really want to crawl into my warm bed and watch Ugly Betty episodes from last season.  I altered that idea slightly. I crawled into my bed but with books and computer to create this post. I just found this passage from Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel
The Buddha said, "Get a grip on your mind!" There is no more important lesson to learn. Wrong thinking, which we ourselves create and perpetuate, causes us needless suffering and prevents us from creating deeply, meeting the art marketplace, and living well.
The amazing thing is I read this book two years ago. I guess my journey through the past several years has been more consistent than I let myself realize. I also found this passage from Windows Into The Soul by Michael Sullivan
One of the hardest windows to open is that of living in the moment. But the key to opening this  Sc006ae25b_3
window is realizing that each moment is a gift to be treasured for what is, in and of itself. When the moment is treasured, deep experience becomes possible, and the soul’s connection to the creator and the created is uncovered. Then , and only then, do we see Christ in a child laughing, hear God in a loved one’s voice…….As the simplicity of the moment is embraced, the miracle of grace emerges no matter where we are, what we are doing or how we feel.

( note:I purposely used one passage that refers to Buddha And one that refers to Christ. I believe that God is universal and we all choose our own unique path to God.) I guess what I am feeling is a need to get a grip on my mind and start living in the moment. I find the best way to keep myself present is by creating. I need to be more creative on a daily basis. I have veered away from painting because I had other obligations that needed completed. I have also let my mind become completely preoccupied with things I cannot control. For today my goals are to breath and play.

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