Follow your heart

2/6/07-2/8/07  We must never forget the we are persons made up of body and mind and spirit, endued with five senses, and that we must come to God with the whole of ourselves……. Am I fully alive-alive in all my senses? Am I living with open eyes and open ears? – Esther De Waal
   This weekend I am in New Hope Pa. participating in a yoga workshop at  yogaphoria
The workshop is being taught  by Amy ippoliti .
The type of yoga Amy teaches is called Anusara.

Flowing with Grace, anusarena, we experience our inner worth, we
align our bodies, our minds and hearts in the current of the Divine
flowing through us, we celebrate life itself as we touch the Divinity
who pulsates within us as our every thought, feeling, and experience."
~~Dr. Douglas Brooks


Doing yoga is a perfect way to live the words of Esther De Waal. It grounds you in the moment, the here and now. It is about connecting with your body and being the best you can be. In our class last night Amy talked about the importance of loving and honoring yourself. Once you can see your own importance you will then have so much to offer the outside world. Last night was so enjoyable because Amy uses her sense of humor while teaching. I love to laugh while doing yoga. Life is serious. To be able to have laughter in my yoga practice is refreshing and a huge stress reliever.
I found this lovely passage on the Anusara web page and it states my precise needs and wants for practicing yoga.
Anusara Yoga is flowing with Grace by saying "yes" to the whole magical
spectrum of life. It is a willingness to be aware of all parts of
ourselves-the light and the dark, the full rainbow of sensation,
perception, emotion, and thought. Saying yes to life means to openly
sense and know each moment fully without prejudging it. We simply open
our hearts with love to the present moment without clinging or pushing.
Then from this spacious place of perception we discern whether
something is life-enhancing or not. Whatever we encounter, whether it
is auspicious or malicious, good or bad, uplifting or disheartening, we
respond in ways that are more life-affirming. To be in the flow is to
feel the moment fully and then to choose to act in ways that celebrate
the essence of life, Spirit, and our hearts.

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