Religion and art

2/26/07 – 2/27/07   Real art is religion a search for the beauty of God in all things- Emily Carr   Emily_carr_tree_in_autumn_38x42_b_3

Today I am under the weather. I finally caught the horrible dreaded flu bug. I hate being sick. A very close friend told me this was because I was impatient…ha..ha. It is a true statement. This gorgeous painting was done by Emily Carr an incredible Canadian artist. If you have a moment Google her. She is a fascinating woman. If I felt better I would include more information but I am headed to the kitchen to make tea and then back up to bed. I will end with a few images I have been playing with.

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2 Responses to Religion and art

  1. darlene says:

    emily carr is fantastic … we often go to the emily carr house in victoria when we are there. she is my son’s favourite artist so we have little bits of her beautiful prints scattered around our house and yes she is an utterly fascinating woman! 🙂
    hope you feel better soon honey, xox

  2. joan says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you are under the weather…
    I’m praying you get well so soon, and please try to practice love and kindness on yourself my beautiful friend…
    you are forever in my thoughts.

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