Pause take time do not fill up all the the spaces – Esther De Waal
Silence, listening- taking time to be attentive.

After reading these journal entires from last year, I  thought of  Gunilla Norris’s book  Inviting  Silence. I was wondering what causes so many of us to be fearful of silence. Why do we feel the need to constantly fill our world with noise. Constant static  from  televisions, cellphones, and computers. This is what Gunilla Norris wrote…….

Through the practice of silence we become aware of our pain. The pain is always there-in our minds and in our bodies. Silence allows us to see it,
face it, release it.

We constantly judge ourselves.
Our minds decide
what our experience should be
or should not be
-relentlessly labeling things good or bad-
demanding that our lives conform to our labels.
Then, when pain comes into our lives
– and it does to every life-we do not only suffer it,
but we suffer our suffering as well.
We add the mind’s harsh judgment of pain
to our actual experience of it.

By practicing silence, we may discover the ways
in which we intensify our pain by judging it.
Then we have a chance to become less harsh,
more forgiving.

The pain created by our minds is stored in our bodies,
creating rigid patterns of behavior, blocking the flow
of energy within us, cramping our being.
Our harshness and our fears are embodied in our flesh.

In silence,we can feel these tendencies to congeal-
and allow them to be as the are. They may then
uncramp and release, for anything that is not resisted
tends of its own accord to unfold and change.

By cultivating silence, we can find and release
deeper and deeper levels of pain and so discover
once again what is beneath the pain:
the natural joy that is already inside us,
free to rise and flow into expression.

Inviting Silence Gunilla Norris

I hope to be able to find some silence today.



Yesterday was filled with noise. Megan ,with her dance company, performed in their P1020215_3
first dance competition (StarQuest performing arts competition). Pat, Megan and I spent an extremely long day in Woodbridge Va. It was a wonderful day but also a day filled with constant visual and auditory stimulation.
Megan for the first time performed with only three other dancers. She was petrified to be performing  with such a small group. It was exciting to watch her as she progressed through the dance and became more and more confident. This moment was a huge confidence builder for Megan. It brought her the realization that she can work with her fears. Fear and anxiety can be channeled into productive energy. By the end of the dance she had a brilliant smile which radiated the expression I DID IT !
(my stomach ache disappeared.)

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3 Responses to Silence

  1. joan says:

    Sharing what you have from the book ‘Inviting Silence’ speaks directly to why many people cannot stand the quiet sound of their own heart beating.
    It truly is only through turning inward that we are able to revisit, release, and recover.
    Powerful stuff indeed…
    May you dear friend revel in the silence 🙂

  2. darlene says:

    your daughter looks amazing, it must have been wonderful to watch : )
    silence … oh yes …

  3. kateri says:

    What a cutie pie! How exciting for her, and such a good feeling to have those stage jitters and then get through it a smile! Wow! I love it…
    I love Gunilla Norris. her books are so simple and soothing. Do you have Being Home? That is my very favourite.

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