2/18-19/2007  Today practice this mantra from Thich Nhat Hanh."You will approach the person you love and with this mindfulness , with this concentration, you will look into his or her eyes, and you will begin to utter this formula: "Dear one, I am really here for you." You must say this with your body and with your mind at the same time, and then you will see the transformation."

Today I copied down these two mantras from Sylvia Boorstein’s book Happiness is an  Inside Job. You may pray for another person by substituting that persons name for I.

May I feel contented  and safe 
May I feel protected and pleased
May my physical body support me with strength
May my life unfold smoothly with ease

May I be free of enmity and danger
May I have mental happiness
may I have physical happiness
May I have ease of well-being


Praying these mantras must have shifted something inside me and brought me to a more peaceful place. I was finally able to see where my studio needed to be, the one room I had not tried. This is how the room looks now that all my art stuff has been cleared out. P1020087
I am standing at my front door and love not being able to see all my works in progress…this translates to all my unfinished projects . This is a beautiful room with wonderful light but it was to messy and to visible from the entire first floor. I love stuff but I also love order.
So after many, many trips up the stairs I have a new place. P1020091
This room does not receive as much light but it has a closet
with lots of  storage.  P1020089_2
So hopefully I will be able to locate all my supplies and not waste hours searching for that something that I know I have somewhere.
But the best part about this new studio space is this room has a door. So if I want to leave a huge mess I can. All I have to do is shut the door.

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2 Responses to Mantras

  1. joan says:

    Just watch and see how moving your ‘space’ helps move your creativity!
    The room downstairs is now so beautiful… I truly believe you made the right decision.
    Your studio space needs a closet, and a DOOR 🙂
    And Susan? Sometimes a smaller more intimate space helps us to not feel so scattered.
    I moved into my daughters small bedroom when she went off to college, and the ‘closeness’ of the space really helped me to connect more deeply with my art.
    Plus, the light purple color is going to open you up so much more than the (beautiful) darker colors downstairs…
    I cannot wait to see where your Muse takes you now!!
    I am so excited for you 🙂

  2. darlene says:

    your home is so lovely and how wonderful to have some studio space all your own … 🙂
    wonderful mantras … thank you for sharing .. xo

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