Colors of Love

2/14/07 Love To All.
As I am sitting here writing this post I am eating my most favorite candy.Images1 I adore Cadbury mini eggs. I know these are an Easter candy but I am thrilled Easter is early this year so these fabulous eggs are on the store shelves.
P1020057If words were colors than what color would the word Love be? Of course I could not answer this question with words but had to make a piece of art to show what I thought the colors of love were to me on this day. Love is not stagnant but energy. I feel the energy in this image created by the colors I chose.
I hope everyone who reads this had a peaceful Valentines Day. To me this day appears to create extreme expectations. No I do not mean me personally (remember all I want are mini Cadbury eggs). So I hope it was a day filled with simple things. Undemanding signs of love, simple gifts of gratitude.

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1 Response to Colors of Love

  1. kateri says:

    Oh darlin…colour colour…:)
    I was just saying to a friend last ngiht, I am not a Valentine’s day kind of girl I feel like people spend way too much, expect way too much…and give way too much grief to one another if those things are not fulfilled. Everyday should be Valentine’s Day…just give your heart.
    Much love to you…

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