2/13/07 "just what brings heat makes thing expand so it is the gift of love to stretch hearts wide open; it is a warm and growing virtue." St. John Chrysostom
I have spent the past two days home with my entire family. Yesterday schools were closed because of elections. P1020052
Today schools were closed because of ice.  A side note my husband is a school teacher so he has also been home. We have had a heart warming two days. It can be difficult for  all of us to be home when the weather keeps us from venturing outside and no television (that is another story).P1020036_3
I did go outside with my camera to capture the beauty of nature.
My backyard appeared as a shimmering wonderland. Everything was encapsulated in a glittering, sparkling sheath of water. I should have ventured to the lake but knew I would take a tumble along the way. I stayed close to home were I felt safe from cracking P1020044_2my head open. We have enjoyed our time indoors together but I do believe as I am typing this post  my children have grown weary of each other. Alas I am starting to feel slightly stressed by all the noise. The battles of guitar hero vs. the stereo, the bellows of get out of my room and my favorite the phone ringing endlessly and no one answering it. But how dare i complain when  the reason I hear all this noise is my children hate to venture far from the center of the house. They love togetherness and this thought brings heat to my heart and it stretches wider and wider. A heartful hug to all here from  Iceland.


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2 Responses to Iceland

  1. joan says:

    your world looks surprisingly like mine today!!!
    Tea in wonderland would be nice!
    Much love to you today on this most glorious day Susan…
    Happy Valentines Day!!

  2. darlene says:

    wow … it looks so beautiful, deadly but beautiful … for all the freezing cold and crazy snowfall that we get here, living under a perpetual blanket of white, we never get that crazy ice that coats everything, it is amazing to me … thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos, xo

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