Books, Books, Books

2/06/07 I am reading more Thomas Merton. I love his description about nature. His observations on the outside world were wonderful
"Drink it all in. Everything, the redwood forests, the sea, the sky, the waves, the birds, the sea-lions. It is in all this that you will find your answers. Here is where everything connects". – Merton

I have been focusing on clearing, getting rid of the things that I do not need. I started my day with yoga to help clear my head and get me energized for the tasks I wanted to complete this day. I returned home and worked on an idea I have about decoupage.P1010993
I found one of the first collages I ever made for my daughter Allison who is now  nineteen. P1010993_2

remember how much fun this was collecting  drawings I had created and illustrations from her favorite books.

After finding this piece I thought it might be fun to share the decoupaged wall in my basement/playroom. This wall ended up being  slightly more time consuming than I had initial thought. But I  accumulated  my children’s art , photographs,  illustrations from books, sheet music  and any interesting piece of paper that I was attracted to. Armed with a gallon jug of Elmer’s glue a tub of water and a paint brush I went to work.


Some people have a wall or door in their house where they mark their children’s heights through the years. I wanted an entire wall dedicated to my children’s growth.

I then decided to take my four bags of books to the Wonder Books warehouse to sell. I knew the books were not worth much it was more about clearing unwanted items. Honestly it was also about making room for more books. But I was in for a surprise the warehouse is gigantic. I have never seen so many books in one P1020002place. It was truly awesome I wanted to slowly walk up and down the rows but the warehouse is not opened to the public. After I regained my composure, I asked if I could take a photo for my blog. Amazingly I was escorted upstairs to get a better view.

The stacks of books were endless. The cardboard boxes were filled with books that 
P1020004had not been inventoried. I did not get much money for my books  but  it was worth it  to spend a moment and get these photos of book heaven  .


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2 Responses to Books, Books, Books

  1. joan says:

    First, thank you for sharing your collage photos here:)
    Let’s put those babies out into the Universe!!!
    Secondly, the photos from ‘Wonder Warehouse’ are mindblowing.
    One of the few things I have time to do for myself, it to go to Wonder books at Valley Plaza in Hagerstown, where it is just like a huge old musty forgotten library.
    They have randon sitting spots and every single book is a dollar.
    I have picked up small leather bound shakespeare play books from the 1800’s there… the place is an artist date for me. Where I go for inspiration and treasure hunting.
    Thanks again for all of this… I just may have to make my way there in the next day or two… I’ve come to find the only thing I love collecting more than shoes… is books.
    much love,

  2. darlene says:

    i love that you have a wall dedicated to your children … i do think that is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. thank you so much for sharing.
    and those books, sigh … wow …

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